Labor Day 1956 (Video)

Submitted by Gene Maddox

Marching by Buck & Gene'sHere are several home movie clips showing Appalachia’s Labor Day celebration in 1956. The Tricky Sixty band marched through town, as did the Big Stone Gap band. Both bands then each performed before a large crowd at the old football stadium.

As with most home movies from that era, there isn’t any sound. They’re in color, but the quality doesn’t approach what we’re accustomed to today. The home movies were filmed by Gene Maddox, Sr.

Parade Down Main Street

The Tricky Sixty, with Mr. Flanary, is marching toward the football stadium here, in front of Buck and Gene’s. Click here to view.

Big Stone Gap Band

The Big Stone Gap band is shown marching in the parade. There’s a great shot of Mrs. McChesney marching behind. Click here to view.

Labor Day Performance

The Tricky Sixty begins its routine on the field. Click here to view.

Charleston + Tricky Sixty

Who but Joe Flanary could have thought up a routine in which the band played behind three young ladies who were dancing the Charleston? Click here to view.

Appalachia Folks

Here are four brief clips of Appalachia residents, relaxing at the football stadium during the festivities:

Click here to view clip #1.

Click here to view clip #2.

Click here to view clip #3.

Click here to view clip #4.

J.D. Flanary

Here are a few seconds of Mr. Flanary, as he was leaving the  stadium. Click here to view.